Moscow, VDNH, Prospect Mira 119, p. 519

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On a total area of about 200 square meters are two halls with butterflies and a gift shop of butterflies and other insects.

The first hall is the Garden of Tropical Butterflies with free-flying tropical butterflies, butterflies from Southeast Asia, Central and Latin America of various colors and shapes are located here. These are not the butterflies that we all used to see in our strip.

Tropical butterflies are not at all like ours, they are larger several times, brighter and more spectacular, they have fancy patterns on the wings.

Our live butterfly exhibition is a contact one. Butterflies can and gently hold and take pictures!

Freely fluttering tropical butterflies will not leave anyone indifferent. We do not have glass or any other restrictions, butterflies fly around the whole area of ​​the hall absolutely freely, butterflies can land on visitors, bright objects, clothes.

In our Butterfly Garden, you can feed the butterflies completely freely! Bring your fruits (oranges, bananas, tangerines, grapefruits, pineapples, mangoes, etc.) and feed our butterflies, they will be very grateful to you:)

There is an incubator in the butterfly garden, where you can see one of the most amazing natural phenomena - the birth of a butterfly.

Photographing butterflies and the ability to hold them is already included in the ticket price! And also do not have to pay extra for the 2nd Hall with a private collection of insects, he also included in the purchased ticket (Hall 2).

ATTENTION: butterflies should be treated very carefully and miss the butterflies by the wings!!!


BATTERFLIARIUM - Butterfly House, an exhibition of live butterflies at VDNH.


Address: Moscow, VDNH, Prospekt Mira 119, p. 519
Phone: +7 (495) 997-19-00


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