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You get a room with live butterflies without third-party visitors, at this time the exhibition works only for you! The rental price starts at from 15,000 rubles per hour (the price depends on the number of hours, time, day, seasonality, etc.)

The cost of renting a conservatory or a professional survey in the Butterfly Garden can be obtained by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone / WhatsApp +7 (905) 582-99-79.

The Butterfly House at the VDNH provides for rent a greenhouse (Hall 1) for workshops, presentations, filming, children's parties and other events. Butterfly House is a unique opportunity to hold an event in an unusual setting among plants and butterflies. Hall 1 has an area of ​​120 sq.m. with panoramic windows.

Rental of premises for master classes and presentations

The area of ​​the room allows you to freely accommodate up to 40 people. Convenient location within the city and in one of the most popular places in Moscow is also an important factor in choosing the venue for the event.

Rental of premises for filming

The hall is provided for filming magazines and other print publications, as well as for filming TV shows.

In the House of butterflies spent shooting for TV programs "Good morning" (Channel 1), "About the most important" (Russia 1), "Life in the big city" (Moscow 24), "Moscow in details" (Moscow 24), "News "(TC 360), REN-TV, Channel 5. You can watch video from TV channels in our VIDEO section.

The cost of renting a conservatory or a professional survey in the Butterfly Garden is indicated by calling the phone number listed in the CONTACTS section.

Renting a room for children's birthday

This is a great way to combine the original setting of a butterfly garden for a children's holiday and gain new knowledge about wildlife. Our employees will give children a fascinating excursion into the world of biology, entomology and geography.

For rental greenhouse for your event, please call: +7 (905) 582-99-79.


BATTERFLIARIUM - Butterfly House, an exhibition of live butterflies at VDNH.


Address: Moscow, VDNH, Prospekt Mira 119, p. 519
Phone: +7 (495) 997-19-00


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