Moscow, VDNH, Prospect Mira 119, p. 519

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weekdays 11-20, weekend 10-21
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Looking for a date idea? Or think how to make a proposal? Arrange the best romantic evening in Moscow - at the Butterfly House at VDNH! Especially for you two, we close the butterfly garden, put candles and romantic music, you can bring additional equipment with you. Dating service fee: 6 500 rub. / 1 ​​hour (from 20 to 21 h), you can order a date for 2 hours (from 19 to 21 h). On February 13 and 14 confirm the price. It is also possible in the morning, as well as night time after 22 hours, is agreed separately. The duration of the visit is 1 hour / instead of regular 40 minutes. You will be alone, the greenhouse works only for you / instead of a regular visit in the presence of other visitors. The administrator leaves you alone. The ability to turn on your music, bring glasses and a bottle of champagne, etc. Put the butterflies on each other and take photos, selfies. The ability to turn the lights down low to create a romantic atmosphere. The price includes the provision of a greenhouse for 1 hour, as well as chairs and a round table without decor. Decoration and other props (glasses, champagne, flowers, etc.) is done by yourself! We recommend that you arrive in advance (20-30 minutes before the date), get ready. But you must leave the hall exactly at the end of time, being late is a waste of your time on a romantic date, be punctual. Come on time, and even better in advance! Paid entry by car to the territory of the VDNH is possible only on weekdays (in case it is not a public holiday), on weekends and holidays it is impossible to enter by car. For more information about travel by car and its cost, check on the website of VDNH P.S. We have very comfortable double hanging chairs in which you can comfortably spend time alone in the warm embrace of your loved one!



BATTERFLIARIUM - Butterfly House, an exhibition of live butterflies at VDNH.


Address: Moscow, VDNH, Prospekt Mira 119, p. 519
Phone: +7 (495) 997-19-00


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