Moscow, VDNH, Prospect Mira 119, p. 519

+7 (985) 997-19-00

weekdays 11-20, weekend 10-21
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Time to visit the exhibition - 50 minutes

The ticket is valid for both halls: Greenhouse with live butterflies
and to the Museum with a collection of insects of the world

Free Photographing on mobile devices

Contact with butterflies - gently hold the butterfly on the fruit

Ticket prices to the Moscow Butterfly House at VDNH


from 1.5 to 14 years.

Cost: 450 rub.


since 14 years old.

Cost: 550 rub.


By age.

Cost: 350 rub.

Personal tour

from 1 to 5 people.

Cost: +1 500 rub. to the cost.
Russian language only

Family #А

Dad + Mom + Baby.

Cost: 1 350 rubles.

Family #B

Dad + Mom + 2 kids.

Cost: 1 700 rubles.


large families.

Cost: 400 rub. / 500 rub.

Group Tour

10 to 20 people.

Cost: +3 000 rub. to the cost.
Russian language only

TICKETS are purchased ONLY at the box office at the entrance to the exhibition. Payment is CASH ONLY.

Ticket includes:

  • The time of visiting the whole exhibition is 45 minutes.
  • Visit to Hall 1 - conservatories with free-flying tropical butterflies.
  • Free admission to the additional 2 rooms - the private collection of insects in the world.
  • Free photography, but ONLY on mobile devices.
  • The ability to gently hold a butterfly on a fruit, for 1 person no more than 1 butterfly (only by putting one, you can plant another one).

* The tour is paid in addition to the cost of the tickets.

Romantic date

Our exhibition gives two people the opportunity to retire without visitors and staff in a unique romantic setting after 20:00 and later you can have an unforgettable meeting (possibly with a buffet table), from 1 hour or more.

Butterfly Photo Sessions

Our photographer will work with you, and set the butterflies in the right angle and you will get spectacular shots with butterflies. It is also possible to hold a photo session with your photographer and equipment.

Greenhouse rental

For a children's party or presentation, filming, etc. You can celebrate the birthday of the child, make a presentation of the service or product, make a movie or photo material.

* Check the prices and conditions on the website or by phone / whatsapp +7 (905) 582-99-79.


BATTERFLIARIUM - Butterfly House, an exhibition of live butterflies at VDNH.


Address: Moscow, VDNH, Prospekt Mira 119, p. 519
Phone: +7 (495) 997-19-00


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