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Romantic date with butterflies + dinner

Price: 13000.00 RUB 13000.00 RUB

Give your loved ones an unforgettable experience! They will be left alone with butterflies without other visitors and even without an administrator. There will be a light dinner with food of your choice (cheese plate, chocolate plate, fruit plate) and drinks of your choice (tea, juices, champagne, wine). Nice music will play and there will be dim lights. The table and chairs will be decorated with candles and a white tablecloth, there will be a white path with rose petals. Time - evening (exact hours can be agreed), usually it is evening time from 20 to 21.30. The day of the event is also agreed in advance. ROMANTIC DATE INCLUDES:

1.5 hours in a greenhouse with free-flying butterflies (from 20.30 to 21.55, 5 minutes for packing),
you will be alone, not only without other visitors, but also without an administrator,
we will put a table and 2 chairs for you,
2 glasses and a bottle of champagne or juice (negotiated in advance at the request of the customer)
fruit plate (different sliced ​​fruits),
chocolate candies,
cheese canapes on skewers,
dim light (electric candles for a romantic setting)
sounds of birds singing for a more complete immersion in the atmosphere of nature or in complete silence at the request of the customer,
a framed butterfly as a keepsake (the butterfly is not selectable),
commemorative magnets (2pcs) from the Butterfly House

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BATTERFLIARIUM - Butterfly House, an exhibition of live butterflies at VDNH.


Address: Moscow, VDNH, Prospekt Mira 119, p. 519
Phone: +7 (495) 997-19-00