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Butterfly Owl

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  • Butterfly data
  • Habitat: Central America, South America
  • Wingspan: about 15 cm.
  • Lifespan: about 4 weeks
  • Complexity of the content: Simple
  • Feeding: fruit, fresh fruits, honey solution

The easiest butterfly in the home content! It feeds on its own, does not require artificial feeding. She likes to feast on overripe, fermented fruits, because she eats in the wild. The most long-lived butterfly of all, supplied tropical butterflies. Usually, they live for about 3-4 weeks, some specimens (with proper care) live for more than a month!

Often sits on the person herself, especially loves moving objects. Not at all shy, because she herself has good defenses against enemies — large circles in the shape of owl bird eyes on the underside of her wings. Sometimes it makes a sharp flap of its wings, thereby scaring its enemies (birds, small rodents, etc.). Most active at twilight!

Butterfly Owl - favorite photoshoot, because Her character is the most tranquil of all the other butterflies; she sits quietly and poses for the photographer. It is enough to substitute a finger and the butterfly will go to it itself.

Since these butterflies are active at dusk, they will not have to face such enemies as bats, which are also active at night. For them, butterflies harvested another protection - Caligo is able to emit ultrasound and crackle, issued by the wings. The distorted ultrasound signal sent by the butterflies Kaligo confuses bats and they cannot find the location of the butterfly!

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