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Pupa Grafium Agamemnon

Price: 500.00 RUB 500.00 RUB
  • Butterfly data
  • Hatching rate: 70%
  • Habitat: Southeast Asia
  • Wingspan: about 6 cm.
  • Lifespan: about 5 days
  • Complexity of the content: Average
  • Feeding: honey solution, sugar solution

A medium-sized butterfly from the Sailfish family and a genus of Graphi. Feed by hand, removing the proboscis and using a solution of honey or sugar. The color is very spectacular, on a dark background the wings are dotted with green specks.

Agamemnons are active throughout the year, but their number depends on the amount of precipitation and the presence of forage plants. Butterflies fly in the treetops, but sometimes they descend to the lower branches in search of flowers. Due to the relatively short life cycle (a little more than one month from egg to imago), up to 7-8 generations of Graphium agamemnon can develop in a year.

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