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Pupa Kotzebue Sailboat

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  • Butterfly data
  • Hatching rate: 70%
  • Habitat: Southeast Asia
  • Wingspan: about 7 cm.
  • Lifespan: about 5 days
  • Complexity of the content: Complex
  • Feeding: honey solution, sugar solution

Butterfly from the family of sailboats. The upper side of the wings is contrastingly black, while the lower one has red spots. The lower wings have an interesting stepped shape. The abdomen of the butterfly is bright red and signals the enemies of its inedibility.

The nature of the butterfly restless, it is difficult to pick up. Feeding with a solution of honey or sugar in water and manually.

The butterfly is named after Russian navigator Otto Kotzebue. Curiously, Kotzebue Bay, which he opened to the east of the Bering Strait and the street in his home city Tallinn, was named after him. From the eponymous bay, Kotzebue in Alaska (USA) received the name. The Alaskan Malamute breed line is called Kotzebue.

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